GL PBO Glitch

A plugin for Quartz Composer to misrepresent pixel-buffer data on the GPU.

Download GL PBO Glitch.

See also:

GL PBO Glitch source on GitHub pp 3-5

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3 Responses to “GL PBO Glitch”

  1. vade Says:

    Just want to say in public how great this one is. Its so good I can forgive you for getting this one out before I had a chance to even try it on my own, ha :)

    Awesome work as always.

  2. Kyle McDonald Says:

    Really, really nice. Super simple, and it’s great to have an interactive way of exploring these transcodings and (mis)representations.

  3. GL PBO Glitch audio_Midi « Hipnosia's Blog Says:

    […] GL PBO Glitch Download -> […]

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