Sampler 2

Sampler in use in Australian Dance Theatre's Proximity

Sampler plugin for Quartz Composer. Loop live video, MIDI data, or any other values. Thanks to Thomas Pachoud and Australian Dance Theatre for supporting work on this, and to Joris/goto10 for the original idea.

Download Sampler Plugin (version 3)

Version 2 is still available here.

Changes 2.2:
  • Fix issue introduced in 2.1 which caused some images to be displayed upside down
Changes 2.1:
  • Fix issue which caused some structures to be reordered
Changes 2.0:
  • Improved performance
  • Add Offset input to allow playhead manipulation during recording and playback
  • Add Loop Mode input and support for palindromic looping
  • Add setting to optionally discard alpha

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15 Responses to “Sampler 2”

  1. @jean_poole Says:

    Thanks for sharing, Bang! Super-fun!

  2. Swedish VJ Union » Blog Archive » News collected March-April Says:

    […] Bangnoise has updated his Quartz Composer Sampler plugin to version 2. […]

  3. franz Says:

    just the update I needed ! thanks Tom, you rock.
    Will you add sound input some day ?

  4. tom Says:

    yo franz, and thanks – would like to add sound if I find the time…

  5. michele Says:

    Hi Tom,

    this rocks! I’m using for a performance and seems to work perfectly. I have just one problem. If i drive the offset position, sending several values via midi from a value to another, this interfere in some way with automatic looping. Video doesn’t play smoothly as offset position values changes, but they are also affected by internal playback wheel. The solution would be, i think, to give a “no-playback” option in “loop mode”. This would make the playback be affected just by sent offset values, and not by intenal wheel.
    Do you think this could be possible?
    ciao, thanks


  6. tom Says:

    If you want to stop playback, set the patch’s timebase to external and attach a counter which is paused during playback but not recording – then you can scrub through using the offset on “paused” frames.

  7. Momo the Monster Says:

    Fantastic work, Tom!

    One issue – it seems to disrupt the sorting of a structure patch. For example, if I input a structure created with Kineme Structure maker, with 8 inputs indexed 0-7, they come out in this order: 0,5,1,6,2,7,3,4. Any ideas on that?

  8. tom Says:

    Momo the Monster – thanks for the heads up – I’ve put up 2.1 with a fix for that

  9. renaars Says:

    It looks like 2.1 introduces a bug on snow leopard where the video output gets turned 180° while sampling.
    Is it possible to put older versions online?
    I remember 2.0 not having this bug.

  10. tom Says:

    Hi – for what it’s worth, 2.0 is here – but it’s unlikely to fix the problem. Could you e-mail me and we can try to identify it?

  11. renaars Says:

    Just, checked it.
    The bug indeed isn’t present in 2.0
    I’ll mail you with more details.

  12. listenpreis Says:

    man! this is super awesome! thank you so much!

  13. michele Says:


    I tried to build a “image filter” QC patch, to use in QLab3. Simply, i connected Input Image (published as _protocolInput_Image) to Sampler, and Sampler output to a virtual splitter that’s published as _protocolOutput_Image). This doesn’t work. I’m afraid QC doesn’t allow patches like Sampler in QC filters. Is there some hack to make it work?


  14. Steve Says:

    I’m a little new to QC I’m using COGE, are these plugins compatible…and does anyone know how to install it COGE?

    (Sorry for the repost, I had to check the notify box)

  15. Zeppo Says:

    You are a star. Just downloaded, and it works really well.

    Thank you!

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