Realtime datamosh/compression-artifacting plugin for Quartz Composer.

Download Datamosh Plugin (version 1.1b6, 8 October 2012)

The original version is also available (1.01, 25 August 2010).

Instructions are included in the download. If you prefer you can watch a video which demonstrates installation.

datamosh patch in Quartz Composer


datamosher’s YouTube videos, Create Digital Motion.

In Use

Man of Steel, Warner Bros
April 2013

Live Visuals for MGMT, Alejandro Crawford
2010 to present

Advanced Enterprise Research Office by Bryan Newbold and Toby Schachman
January 2010

having a different kind of facial by oneseconds
July 2009


Licensed under a Creative Commons, Attribution – Non-Commercial – Share Alike 3.0 License.

This permits any use other than commercial use. Using the plug-in for paid live performance is fine, using it for commercial work including music videos or including it in a commercial product is not. For queries about commercial use contact

90 Responses to “Datamosh”

  1. Bill Says:

    Hi, will this work on quartz composer 4.5 on lion os? Thanks

  2. tom Says:

    @Bill: yes

  3. .lov. Says:

    The beta version of this plugin should working well with CoGe or later.

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  5. orion Says:

    For the record there is a work around to get datamosh to work in modul8 as a plugin. Here are some .qtz files you can drop on a top layer and it’ll effect output as long at you’re out putting to syphon in modul8. If you’re sending video to mad mapper this is the best solution thus far.

    for the record/credit this idea came from here:

  6. minuek Says:

    Thanks for the update.

  7. William Says:

    Great plugin, but nobody answered Aarons question from two years ago… Is there an offline quicktime pro render solution? It shows up black. Is anyone able to render this from quartz composer?

    “This is so much more than just a plugin. Thank you so much!

    This might be off topic but could someone possibly tell me how to render the live datamosh mix of the two vidoes? I have looked everywhere and can not find a thing about it. I’ve tried opening the .qtz in quicktime then exporting it and it ends up with a black screen video. I’ve tried exporting in quartz and its the same thing. So far my only solution is to use screenium to screen grab whatever I make in quartz.

    Thanks again”

  8. tom Says:

    William – try google for help rendering QC compositions. Note the conditions of the license above.

  9. William Says:

    Hey Tom,
    I can get quality renders through QuickTime pro for most patches, but the datamosh patch comes out black (if it doesn’t crash). It’s really bumming me out.
    Sorry if I missed something. I only commented here as a last resort. I’ve been working/googling on this topic for a week. Could you perhaps recommend a standard/easiest method to render?

  10. tom Says:

    If you’re getting crashes, please mail me with details. Trying to use QuickTime Player on recent OS versions is a dead-end as Apple restrict its access to third-party QC plugins. Various other solutions exist.

  11. JT Says:

    Any chance I can get this to work on m,y mac G5 ppcon 10.5 os in quartz or in VDMX? Most imoortantly, how about an app for the ipod/phone to do same?????
    All the best and Tjhank You very much…

  12. tom Says:

    JT – I don’t have a ppc compiler, sorry. Ha iOS maybe someday?

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  14. freja Says:

    any chance getting this to work on 10.8.4 ??

  15. tom Says:

    freja – it works, see the read me and/or video

  16. freja Says:

    my mistake, i was still running QT in 64 bits …. thank you! have a lovely day!

  17. Keydam Says:

    Thanxxx! good job!

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  19. Oleg Says:

    I have this error. Quartz v4.6

    > (null)
    : Patch with name “QCPlugInPatch:DataMoshPlugIn” is missing

    > Macro Patch
    Cannot create node of class “QCPlugInPatch” and identifier “DataMoshPlugIn”

  20. tom Says:

    Oleg, see the installation video

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  22. Kevin Says:

    Great plugin! I don’t want to do live moshing. I want to be able to keyframe when the effect comes in and how much (bloom etc), and then I want to be able to drop it in Quartz Crystal to render out. The keyboard control is great for live but how do you set keyframes for this like traditional animation. Is this possible?

  23. tom Says:

    Hi Kevin – you could use Timeline patches in the composition to keyframe parameters.

  24. florian Says:

    how can i switch to the offline render mode?

  25. tom Says:

    florian – select the patch in the QC editor, hit cmd-2 to bring up the Settings Inspector, use the menu there.

  26. florian Says:

    wow that was fast! thx! found the settings inspector – trying to render out the thing…kind of stuck here. sorry for anoying you with those questions, i’m new to quartz composer.

  27. tom Says:

    florian – mail me

  28. florian Says:

    sent you a mail (to: hope this is right.

  29. Adrian Says:

    I was using this Datamoshing qc in VDMX before, but now it seems not working (i guess new OS: Yosemite). I’ve turnded QC to 32 bit mode. And the qcFX still only sends a black image (or no image at all). The same if I use the .qtz example…

    Is there a way to make it work?

  30. tom Says:

    Yo Adrian, this plugin’s rather old and requires a 32-bit app. You’re probably using the new 64-bit VDMX beta.

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  32. Taylo SpPank Says:

    Anyway to get a 64-bit version of this? i need to use this with a plugin that is strictly 64-bit, but I can’t run a 32-bit version of QC while a 64-bit version is running. Synapse Kinect only runs on 64-bit…. :(

  33. tom Says:

    Taylo: no

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